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"Madison approaches her work as a stage manager with forethought, precision, and passion for theater. She is unflappable and unobtrusive, but keeps control of the room with warmth and humor. Whatever needs to be done, Madison makes sure it's done. I anticipate that in a few short years, Madison will be one of the most in-demand regional stage managers. "
     -KC MacMillan, Director
"Madison is a joy to have as a stage manager. She is thorough, in control, and always anticipating the next move in the rehearsal room. Even with managing large casts of close to forty and a twenty person production team as an undergraduate student, Madison is always able to make processes run smoothly and tech feel like a breeze. She is always pleasant and always prepared, and on top of everything else, can make anyone laugh during a break like nobody's business. She has a true love for stage management and theater that is admirable to all and makes her above excellent in her craft."
     -Allison Mudd, Asst. Director
"Madison Youngblood’s fervent passion in launching creative vision drives her efficiency in a manner I’ve never known. Working alongside as her Assistant Stage Manager in a production truly impressed me for how she utilized her deep knowledge of Stage Management,performance, and production to inform every aspect of the choices she made. Combining her deep preparation, precaution, and enthusiasm, Madison crafts a trust with creative teams and performers to keep all around her at ease and committed to a unified goal."
     -Cianon Jones, Asst. Stage Manager 
"Madison is not only a phenomenal stage manager, but a bright, creative, and kind presence in a rehearsal process.  After working with her directly on two musicals (Cowboy Bob and Guys and Dolls), I can say with much certainty that she is more than capable of running a room, giving input when needed, and taking care of the show, the team, and the actors, alike.  Her collaborative spirit and caring nature are just two of the many reasons I think anyone would be so, so lucky to have her on any rehearsal process."
     -Elana Mariani, Asst. Music Director
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