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A graduate from the University of the Arts, Madison pursued an education in Directing, Playwriting, and Production with a concentration in Stage Management. She has worked heavily in the collegiate and professional theatre worlds, managing large musicals, plays, one act festivals, as well as completing apprenticeships and internships with regional theaters and on Broadway. 

Born and raised in Florida, Madison grew up right in the middle of

beaches, theme parks, and horse farms. All it took was one trip to New York City as a ten year old to show her what sort of magic she would long to be a part of one day. This passion grew like a wildfire with every passing year, and before she knew it, her life was centered around rehearsals, paperwork, backstage traffic, and the boundless joy of managing theatrical productions. 

When she isn't running around a theater (Don't actually run around a theater, that's dangerous), Madison can be found spending time with loved ones, traveling, exploring outdoors, advocating for mental health awareness, expanding her Broadway memorabilia collection, and cuddling her adorable cat, Willow. 

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